therorlord OH GODS WHY

imma see this image one more time before i step in and CORRECT THE ABSOLUTE SHIT OUT OF IT

this motherfucker done says his asshole son inherited his strong chin and i will not allow chinless zues up there to stand i just will not

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no but imagine the tally marks turning black if their love is requited.

and then imagine the tally marks becoming a scar when the one they love dies.

Imagine someone with no tally marks meeting someone with 50 tally marks

Imagine someone with no tally marks starting to like someone with all tally marks scarred 

imagine aromantics with no tally marks laughing at this tally mark bullshit system
imagine someone afraid of being in love suddenly getting a tally mark
imagine someone married with a single nice black tally mark has a new one just appear
imagine someone with a single scarred mark that refuses to love again gets a new mark and it’s black
imagine someone who falls in love too easily having a lot of marks
imagine nurses at old people homes taking care of people with scarred marks, black marks, and no marks

Imagine a dolphin with human legs. Like a normal fucking dolphin except it gets up and walks around on human legs. Wouldn’t that be fucking nuts. Just my contribution to this post.
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Tumblr Code.


If I ever see any of you in public, the code is “I like your shoelaces”

that way we know we’re from tumblr without revealing anything

I’m just going to say this to strangers until i find a tumblr person


must keep reblogering!! Im going to be so suspicious if any one tells me this now!

Remember the answer is: I stole them from the president.


always reblog tumblr identification

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Anonymous asked:
Barry and Felicity are not only holding hands but KISSING.


Look what you did to Oliver…



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So Harry was a famous teenage boy afraid of a little fangirl … This is very interesting !
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